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Am I the only one zen around here?: Cannot comprehend....





I’ve seen a DarylxAmy ship… Did they even talk?

Well, he said he could shoot a turkey (or some shit like that)between the eyes from that distance. And that seems to be enough to ship them.

I’m never going to understand some ships.

It ain’t hurtin’ you. Why bother complaining? You don’t see me whining about Glenn/Daryl or Carol/Daryl or Mary Sue/Daryl or whatever people want. It’s a crack ship since she’s dead, so why this seems to bother some people is really annoying.

I’m not complaining… I just thought it was odd because they had no interaction. I don’t ship anyone on TWD, this is just my opinion. :\

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WorstWalkingDowntonWitch: Posting because I’m sick of looking up Carol on here and finding such...


Posting because I’m sick of looking up Carol on here and finding such hate …

I’m not really big into shippings in The Walking Dead, but I think it’s insane how many people hate on Carol when she’s just starting to be developed more.

I love how people assume if you like Caryl, you only do…

YES. I don’t ship Caryl but I think she’s gorgeous.  I just don’t see their relationship as romantic.

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